Lockdown Lemons perform 'Run' by Snow Patrol

Chrissie sings in a local choir called Lemon Tuesday with musical director Emily Leather, and I recently mixed a lockdown version of Run for them. They all recorded it on their phones and I resynced, vocaligned, added a bit of channel Eq, compression, reverb, pitch shift (but very little!) de noise ,de reverb, group compression, followed by more eq and then added 2 guitars, bass, hammond, drums (thanks Jack) as well as Emilys original piano (38 tracks in total),

The obvious next step was to use these clips to make a video (full disclosure,,,we did re record quite a few videos, primarily because the originals were not actually intended as video files!)

I hope you enjoy this video..its amazing what you can achieve under lockdown. I think they sound superb and all credit to them and Emily

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