Goodwood...such a great place for sound and smell and sights!

We had a few days off and stayed in the Goodwood Hotel (where I bumped into my old mate Simon Blaxland!) When we were having a cup of tea we heard the unmistakable sounds of fast cars having fun! The next day we drove into Goodwood racetrack, and sure enough there were a bunch of folk on track days..old MG's, Porches, Lotus, BMW's and a Honda Civic (with 90 yr old granny on board!) AND the glorious spitfire! I have titled this video..'Here we go Simon, this is where the fun starts' Which happens at about 43 seconds in.

Oh...and if your wondering why I mentioned smell. I would imagine any petrolhead will be familiar with the aroma of Goodwood ... petrol and Avgas!

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